Local-HalibutFood for Thought: Inn at Ship Bay’s Dining Room offers seasonal menus that predominantly feature fresh, locally farmed products. We strive to use only sustainably harvested seafoods, antibiotic and hormone free meats and poultry. All of our foods, breads, and desserts are created in-house, using the finest products we can find. Our food is fresh, wholesome and produced
daily. Our bread is baked using a sourdough starter that is over 100 years old.


Outdoor waterfront dining with stunning water views is an option in warmer months. Reservations are always recommended.




We are open for dinner starting at 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday.


Inn at Ship Bay

as of April 14, 2018



Judd Cove oysters *      15/30.

citrus mignonette


Mangalitsa lonzino         17.

fig mustard, house made crackers


seared Ship Bay Mangalitsa pork belly       16.
quince, roast shallot




mushroom soup   11.


orchard preserve salad 14.

kale, almonds, chevre, plum dressing


local greens & blue cheese  13.
blue cheese & herb vinaigrette






plancha seared tofu      22.
oyster mushrooms, spring vegetables, mushroom jus


weathervane scallops            32.
local potatoes, lemon aioli


local Wagyu beef *        36.
garden greens, potato puree, red wine sauce


Ship Bay Mangalitsa pork        32.

roasted vegetables, plum sauces, rehydrated plums



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